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Deepwater Resistance PAC Mission Statement & Policies
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Rhode Island needs to cut its losses. Our best tools are public awareness and education.
We, the undersigned residents of Narragansett, RI, have formed a political action committee, Deepwater Resistance.  It is our hope that this PAC and its associated web site will provide a common source of infomation about the wind farm proposal by Deepwater Wind Block Island (DWBI) and to provide a web forum for public comments. This is a wholly grass roots effort by public spirited citizens with no backing from any political or business organizations.  An open invitation is extended to the Rhode Island community to contribute to our activities with time and donations for the long term benefit of our greater community. Mission & Goals Deepwater Resistance PAC is dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment from detrimental intrusion of offshore wind power into Rhode Island and its waters by developing and implementing strategies and by providing an open forum for its residents. Our PAC is opposed to the proposal by DWBI as presented in their Environmental Report dated September, 2012 and modified by letter dated May 31, 2013.  This proposal would be a significant intrusion by a private company on the quality of life in the Pier section of Narragansett. We, therefore, advocate that the Narragansett Town Council totally reject the granting of easements to DWBI or any other power company for the proposed cable alignment under the town beach and through town parkland and for a new switchyard on town public property. We support preservation of our fishing industry in Galilee from loss of finfish, shellfish and marine mammal habitat resulting from wind farms on the continental shelf off Rhode Island. We will provide a public web-based forum for residents to voice their concerns and as a repository for documents from residents who have submitted comments to the Narragansett Town Council, or Rhode Island and Federal regulatory agencies. Operating Policies 1) PAC officers will consist of a chairman, vice-chairman and treasurer.  Approval by a majority of these officers is needed to modify these policies and to authorize expenditures. 2) The treasurer will accept individual donations as allowed by state law; donations from political, business or corporate organizations are not acceptable.  State law contains other limitations on donations. 3) will serve as our primary web site and interface with the public. 4) We invite the public to submit comments to  for posting.  Please submit comments in .doc or .pdf format.  We would appreciate receiving copies of documents you have sent to regulatory agencies. 5) The editor generally has discretion to post documents submitted to him.  If he has any reservations on whether to post a document or message which appears not to fit our mission legally or ethically, he will consult with the chairman and vice- chairman on the advisability of posting it. Signed August 1, 2013 Robert Shields, Chairman Gerald McCarthy, Vice-Chairman Myron Waldman, Treasurer Back to home page
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