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Deepwater Resistance

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Local Media Contacts and Suggested Topic Ideas

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Story or letter ideas
1.  Will RI be not only the first with off shore wind but perhaps the Last? 2. Deepwater Wind recently lost a $1B project in Long Island due to excessive energy cost now Cape Wind has lost their only possible two customers for the same reason. 3. If Deepwater Wind is left with only the Block Island Wind Farm then they can’t do justice with economies of scale 4. Block Islanders are not convinced how much money they may save with Deepwater Wind. The island will still be operating at least one Diesel power plant. 5. Have RI and MA developed less expensive alternate energy sources since Gov. Carcieri gave away our precious financial resources to Deepwater Wind? 6. Will our new Governor admit that the excessive price we are obligated to pay to Deepwater Wind is really a tax? 7. Why did Deepwater Wind pay off the Block Island Lighthouse Foundation and the Block Island Historical Society each with $1.25M? What did they get for their money? Why were not others included in this payoff?
Suggested format
Subject line: Letter to the Editor Body: Title of your story or letter Body text: Keep it factually accurate and make your point fast. Follow up with supporting evidence. Conclude succinctly Signature: use your name and any organization affiliation for which you have authorization to submit your article along with the organization’s website. If it is from you personally then no organization affiliation is needed. Contact information: Give your name, physical address, phone and email address.
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