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Links are the backbone of the Internet. We’ve located many of interest. This is a great starting point to begin your search for more information on wind turbines, EMF electric and magnetic fields, health issues associated with power lines at beaches, hidden and silent dangers to infants from buried power lines at beaches, Deepwater Wind and related topics. Tell us about any special links you discover. We’ll add them to the list.
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Health Related Links EMF related  World Health Organization of the United Nations (WHO)    Childhood Leukemia Living Close to Power Lines    Fetal and Meonatal Effects of EMF - a just-released study    General description of EMF energy     WHO Exposure Guidelines (in process of being reviewed)      Guidelines for Limiting Exposure to EMF by an international commission  ICNIRP Publication list by ICNIRP for further research         ICNIRP Fact Sheet - 2010      WHO Children’s Research Agenda - shows high priority to children’s exposure to EMF     How EMFs Affect the Body and Impace Child Development    The Sensitivity of Children to Electromagnetic Fields - Journal of Amer. Acad, of Pediatrics   European Commission; Health & Consumer Protection Director General - New Health Risks  Daubert v. Merrell-Dow: Is This Just What the EMF Doctor Ordered? Fantastic Review  Power Line Fields and Public Health - Paper from Cal Tech  Electrical fields do affect fish. Study by noted scientist    Detailed report on EMF from underwater cables and the affect on fish. Very readable      Infrasound  and environment related Wind Turbines can be Hazardous to Your Health - Washington University, St. Louis    From the Telegraph - London - Safety issues with wind turbines     Environmentalists warn against using wind turbines - James Lovelock, founder of Gaia  Wikipedia - Human and Animal Reactions to Infrasound  How Infrasound is Used as a Deadly Weapon       The story of why infrasound is responsible for “ghosts”  Study shows how low frequency noise could cause health problems   January 2013   New York Times article, The story of sound you can not ‘hear   December 2003  Only 3.2% atmospheric CO2 from fossil fuels - study    Infrasound tutorial from Russia - video     Experiences of other towns with buried power cables The importance of burying power and other cables in seacoast towns     Detailed but easy to understand description of EMF from a 1994 Supreme Court case   Public documents from 1999 describe the dangers of EMF from power lines     California newspaper article clearly discusses dangers of EMF to citizens  1998     Colegate University paper of 2000 shows how ignorance of EMF affects children’s health      City of Palo Alto on power line burial and children’s health when properly installed    Michigan community and a Dutch community compare experiences with wind turbines   Michigan group formed to counter the proposed wind turbine installation    Florida Power and Light’s basic FAQ on underground wiring   Government Related Subsidies and Regulations Federal subsidies for energy projects - USEIA     New York Times - April 2010 so-called ‘evidence’ used to push for off-shore wind turbines   How dependency on Federal funds can kill a project and hurt a community    Washington DC public radio discussion wind turbine energy and impact on community  Cable Burial Standards from Texas      US Government BOEM Energy Plan with links to other sustainable energy sources   What happens when $12Bn wind energy tax credits stop?     Datebase of recent articles on Wind and Energy in Rhode Island    Scotland proposes ‘propaganda’ for the classroom abut offshore wind     US Government - Energy Information Administration - Levelized Cost - offshore too expensive  Excellent description of the Block Island Windfarm from RI DEM       Rules for decommissioning of wind turbines have changed     Fracking’s next frontier -- the ocean           Experiences with Wind Turbines Accidents and Economics Summary of all accidents as of March 2013    The first industrial sized wind turbine blows up     Falmouth Massachusetts’ poor experience with wind turbines    Austrialia - the clear danger of wind turbine fires    The Washington Times - March 2013 - Why wind power does not work  Stories and experiences relating to heath woes with wind turbines  Wind turbines at sea break like matches in storms: Ringing forces   Siemens turbine blade snaps off: Iowa     Siemens turbine blade snaps off: California   Diver killed on Riffgat Offshore Windpark     More details of offshore accident above at Riffgat Offshore Windpark     Offshore turbines wear out sooner than expected    Austrailia shares common situation with Rhode Island regarding offshore wind    The Guardian’s wind power collection of articles     Why the USA does not have a single offshore wind turbine     Offshore Wind is a disaster in Germany     14,000 Idle wind turbines worldwide       Effects of Equipment Aging in the Offshore World    No Offshore Wind Farm has been Completed without the Contractor Going Bankrupt       Germany can nolonger find investors for offshore wind      Lessons for America from Europe     When will wind farms make financial sense?   Production Tax Credit -- Wall Street wolf in sheeps clothing      Wind Turbine Industry News  A key industry website:  Siemens Wind Turbine Brochure for 6MW unit     Wind Turbine Blade Constuction used on 6MW units    Siemens publicity on their wind turbine blade for 6MW units        Balsa Wood - the Secret ingredient behind the 6MW blade  Interesting brochure on huge Jack-up Vessels used to install/repair offshore turbines      Setback for Deepwater Wind’s Block Island Wind Farm Project     Industry news site for maritime industry     Deepwater Wind still stalled after 5 years    Maritime Industry News     The Energy Council -- TEC-RI showing comparative electric rates     Energy Alternatives: Rooftop Wind and Others How Wind Energy is converted to electrical energy - the easy math    Self-installing large wind power turbines from Texas - low cost too   Vertical wind turbine for your home from the UK  The future of micro-wind vertical axis turbines          Rootop wind power     Rooftop wind turbine at half the price of standard 3-blade designs    Floating wind farm in Maine     Floating wind farm in Maine - more      ChangeWind- a new company has a unique approach to vertical axis machines   A rooftop unit that looks like a hot air vent         Modern-looking design rooftop 5KW installation      Bird-safe rooftop unit that looks like an air conditioner      Looks like chimney extension on a chimney (owl head)      This could provide windpower without visible roof elements     Wind power produced at the roof ridge - ideal worth exploring   Rooftop unit from Honeywell        A clean-looking roof top unit at 2500 W      A 1KW unit designed as a modern sculpture     Nuclear Fusion - a possibility for our energy   Oil exploration Okayed for East Coast        Offshore Wind Groups & Critics Author & Executive Director, Climate Science Coalition of America - Wind too expensive   New Hampshire communities with issues similar to ours in Narragansett and RI   Muncie Indiana asks to put off wind farm regulations until further study    Wind action website with great news articles from around the world     Letter to Narragansett Town Council by activist Critical proof that Deepwater Wind’s budget for turbine removal is low by 500%   WSJ article, “The rationalle for Wind Power Won’t Fly”, by noted scientist, eye-opening    Falmouth, MA and Wind Turbine Syndrome and your health  Wind farm construction around the world including all the players, recent problem issues     UK group trying to protect its community from wind turbines on scenic ridges   Massachusetts group fighting Cape Wind and offshore turbines in Nantucket Sound    A coalition of groups from around the world against large scale industrial wind energy    Database of new articles on wind and energy in Rhode Island     AAFC - Fishing Industry News reports on offshore wind turbines affecting fishing  Why the US Does Not Have A Single Off Shore Wind Turbine - The Guardian UK      Charlotte NC community sees problem with flashing lights from Offshore Wind         Windfarm in UK being rejected because of view obstructions     Developers to clear 210 Acres of Virgin Forest 700 Ft turbines    Opposing wind generation is not anti-green    Bob Shields files personal lawsuit against CRMC    The original Shields Superior Court filing   Bob Shields’ letter asking for your support