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These are questions will help you with your quest for truth and facts We of of the opinion that once these questions are explored and the answers understood that you will agree that Deepwater Wind is not helping but hurting Rhode Island. Our view is that there is nothing positive and timely in it for Rhode Island.
Narragansett Town Council Please consider these questions.
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1. Will Deepwater Wind pay taxes for the power line easments through our towns? 2. Will DWW use shielded cables to reduce danger from EMF energy fields? 3. Wil DWW indemnify Rhode Island against any claims of injury from power line exposure? 4. What are contigency plans for serious over-budget conditions? 5. What accommodations are made for the decreasing load factor of the aging wind turbines? 6. What means will be available to put out wind turbine fires? 7. What standards are used to protect the wind turbines and the ocean from earthquake damage? 8. Is there an acoustic model for the wind turbines showing received sound levels? 9. What is the life track record of the same model units now in the field? 10. What provisions are made to avoid damage and danger from Ice thrown form high speed turbine blades? 11. What chemicals are used for deicing of the turbine blades? Is it non-toxic to fish? 12. What is the maintenance requirement for expensive component replacement? 13. Who will do the major repairs and replacements for the wind turbines? 14. How is the state affected by the above maintenance related questions? 15. How quickly will units be repaired after a serious storm or hurricane? 16. What is the lifetime for a single turbine blade? Who pays for replacements? 17. Where are the Deepwater Wind Feasibility and Proposal Documents as originally supplied to the state and Narragansett? Are they available to the public? 18. What protections will there be to avoid exposure to EMFs at the beach both on and off season? Remember that storm Sandy reduced the sand height by about 6 feet. 19. What studies are being performed to understand the effect of EMF from cables on fish? 20. Do the underwater power cables attract sharks? 21. What are the means to protect sunbathers, infants and pregnant women from the intense magnetic field from buried cables at the beach? 22. Has the budget for removing wind turbines and structures been revised based upon current experiences of other operators? 23. Recently, Siemens has lost the huge balsa/fiberglass blades in at least two locations. How will ou avoid the same fate considering that Siemens has no clue why this has happened? 24. Recently, ocean based wind turbines have suffered structural losses due to vibrations due to wave action. How are you changing your designs to prevent similar losses? 25. Has Rhode Island established any standards for wind power device construction and safety? 26. Europeans are finding that offshore industrial sized wind turbines need to be placed at least 12 miles off shore. Does Rhode Island or the USA have a similar, up-to-date specification?