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Deepwater Resistance

38Studios: The Sequel—

What can you do about this INVASION?

Contact your public officials

Write a Letter to the Editor. Send your comments to all the papers at the same time. Include

your: e-mail address, phone number, and street address.

List of Rhode Island newspapers, radio and TV stations

Write e-mail letters to your local elected RI representatives.

Find your Rhode Island state senator here Find your Rhode Island state representative here. Governor Lincoln Chafee General Treasurer Gina Raimondo Coastal Resources Management Council Executive Director, Grover Fugate Department of Environmental Management Director, Janet Coit

Write to the Block Island Town Council. Send your request to cancel the agreement for a cable

landing since the project was grossly misrepresented at the time of the vote.

  Kim Gaffett, First Warden      Ken Lacoste, Second Warden       Norris Pike Councilor     Chris Warfel, Councilor   

Write to the Army Corps of Engineers. Let them know that you expect a public hearing on the

Block Island Deepwater Wind Turbine project (NAE-2009-789).

Attn: Michael Elliott U.S. Army Corps of Engineers New England District, Regulatory Division 696 Virginia Road Concord, MA, 01742

Write to the RI House Corporation Committee. Let them know that you support a biannual

review and cost-benefit analysis of all power purchase agreements. See the bill text .

Brian Patrick Kennedy, Chair, House Corporations Committee      

Write to these public officials and office candidates as they have show either support or an

open mind to objective thinking about related issues.

Allan Fung, Mayor of Cranston and gubernatorial candidate      James Callaghan, President of Narragansett Town Council and state senatorial candidate    Matthew Mannix, Councilor in Narragansett and vocal supporter    Dawson Hodgson, RI State Senator and candidate for RI Attorney General and vocal supporter       Jack Reed, US Congress SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER  CONTRIBUTE TO HELP US TAKE ACTION

Related documents and articles

The Windfarm Delusion. This is a British publication two years old but time tested

Can we get all our electricity from the wind? Again, British. A clear answer with reasons.

Does our Department of Energy listen to our Energy Information Administration? An eye

opening discussion.

Secret Deal: Why we are producing more gas and oil. Trading in dirty fuels now

encouraged by our Federal government.

A scaled view from the Southeast Lighthouse, Block Island showing all five proposed 60-story high industrial wind turbines. The sound is based on a quiet evening. Add to this coordinated strobe flashes at almost 1-second intervals. In 20 years or less these giants will become derelict and will need funding for their removal. In California and Hawaii there are thousands of broken and burnt wind turbines littering the landscape. Will Block Island be next?
What Can You Do About It?

Contribute to our efforts today. Download this form and mail with a thoughtful check.

Thank You,

Myron Waldman, Treasurer
Block Island