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Bad for Rhode Islanders
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 Deepwater Wind Fails Deepwater Wind failed to win the confidence of Narragansett, a small RI seacoast town of 16,000. The town council initially embraced them but later banned Deepwater Wind from doing business in town. [MORE]
Environmental Issues Hurricane Sandy exposed us to future weather patterns. accelerated beach erosion and unexpected powerful storms. How can we protect our oceans when offshore wind turbines become unserviceable, fail and pollute? [MORE]
Integrity — Another 38Studios? James O’Neil, our past RI attorney general writes about the financial sham, Deepwater Wind’s Demonstraton Project of 5 offsore turbines off Block Island and how it may cost Rhode Island taxpayers $500,000,000 to fix.   [MORE]  
Affect on RI Economy Deepwater Wind claims ‘hundreds of new jobs’ when under oath they said, ‘6 permanent jobs’. The components are huge but the employed workforce is small. Cost overages will all be born by Rhode Island Taxpayers- automatically.

Does Rhode Island Need Deepwater Wind?, a grass roots group of well-informed Rhode Islanders opposed to Deepwater Wind, a Wall Street financial creation, that intends to make a fortune at our expense (just like 38 Studios) using offshore wind energy financial incentives currently offered by the US Government and Rhode Island. Deepwater Wind tried to bury 35,000 volt cables just below the beach sand on Narragansett Town Beach and showed no regard for people’s concerns of safety and community. They FAILED. We want them to go away from Rhode Island.

What we do to help Rhode Islanders?

As interested and dynamic Rhode Islanders we are concerned about the potential unaffordable losses to our state and to each citizen who lives or works in RI. We see the Detroit bankruptcy and want to help steer our state in a better direction. The draw of ‘free’ money from the federal government along with state incentives has encouraged Wall Street to converge on the big dollar possibilities of the offshore wind industry. The first state to evaluate and say “no” was Hawaii -- where the wind and sea conditions are the most ideal in the USA said “no”. California was next followed by others. We are focused primarly on offshore wind, not land-based wind farms. We intend to stand up and present the facts as they are uncovered. This is our goal: to create general awareness of the details and dangers of this offshore wind energy project for Rhode Island businesses and citizens. This is the purpose of this website.  
Wind Energy - Chalk it up as a Loss
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